Chairperson’s Update

Many global infectious disease experts are scratching their heads. How is it that certain African countries, Zimbabwe among them, are doing so well against the COVID 19 pandemic? It’s not superior ventilators, technology, facilities or funding, that’s for sure. Maybe it’s the weather, the BCG vaccine or a well exercised immune system, some muse.

I am not sure they will ever know, but we do. As we said in our very first communication, it’s the people.

At ZINCAT we saw an urgent need to help our people last April and banded together to make a difference; and we did!

We are proud of the work we have done in private quarantine centres, PCR and Rapid Testing, health care worker protection and support, our isolation facility, psychosocial support, and workplace consultations. While we see a resurgence of the virus in Europe, we see a waning in Zimbabwe. We also note with great joy the number of organisations that have stepped up to fill many of the voids in diagnosis and treatment that
existed just a few months ago.

We feel we have played our role. We have closed Baines and greatly curtailed our quarantine services and testing. We remain committed to being a credible source of information for the public alongside the relevant ministries. Our website and hotline remain active until the end of January. Our philosophy is that we will keep the embers aglow in case we
are needed to reignite, yet we also understand that we may have run our race and need to retire from the space.

Our staff and Trustees are deeply committed to seeing Zimbabweans thrive and succeed. We are all moving on to take up (or resume) the cause in new forms-be they working for disabled children at Silver Linings Trust, conservation with Malilangwe Trust, creating better urban spaces through Miracle Missions and INZI Foundation, building spaces for STEM for young people at The Discovereum, supporting young artists, recycling and ridding the city of waste (Miracle Missions). We hope you will continue to believe in Zim and be part of our efforts to improve the quality of life of our people. If you would like to contribute or learn more about these efforts, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at

A fond farewell, and a heart full of gratitude for your support.

Thanks to you we saved lives, we were part of the success story of our country! Thank You!!

Nozipo Maraire M.D FAANS,
Chairperson, ZINCAT

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