In order to gain clearance to travel via road to Zimbabwe, you will need to get clearance from DIRCO (Department of International Relations and Co-operation). This clearance comes in the form of a letter, and spreadsheet with your particulars included.

Contact the Zimbabwe Consulate Mr Shumba (head of Admin), who will send you the official excel template.


Please do not apply to DRICO directly – you will be rerouted back to your consulate. Mr Shumba will apply to DIRCO on your behalf

On the official consulate issued excel spreadsheet, you will be required to provide the following details:

  • Full name
  • Passport details
  • Travel method to the SA border (including registration of vehicle)
Storm Motors

Zimbabwean registered vehicles can travel through from SA to Zimbabwe with the permission from DIRCO/ZIM Consulate – ensuring you have papers to safely travel interstate in SA.

If you do not have a Zimbabwean vehicle in SA – Storm Motors is an option for you to travel to SA border.

They can arrange private transport from JHB to the SA border on your ‘confirmed date of travel’ from DIRCO/ZIM CONSULATE.


Sean – Storm Motors

Tel 1: +27 728 224 579
Tel 2: +27 716 048 150
Tel 3: +27 824 429 973

  • R3,700

  • Includes fuel

Storm Motors will arrange vehicle clearance to move interstate in SA

They will also take you through SA immigration & deliver you to the Foot & Mouth checkpoint on the SA side of the bridge

You will then travel on foot across the bridge making sure you stop at the white medical COVID container on the right-hand side for screening & COVID questioning.

Two police officers will escort you through the Zimbabwean immigration process

Zimbabwe Immigration is also relatively quick due to limited activity on the border post. If you are able, arrange private transport (ie: family deliver a vehicle to BB for you). They can park the car at Zim Immigration Car Park for you to collect.

Once you have cleared Zim immigration, the police officers will then direct you to Rainbow for COVID testing.

Please note: you must travel through the border on your confirmed date of travel from DIRCO, and no other – as the SA immigration officer is provided with your details and confirmation for a particular day

SA Immigration (if you are on the list) is relatively quick.

covid testing

On entry to the COVID testing sight, there are a group of policemen on the left hand side who you have to register your particulars with (passport etc)

Inside, the test is conducted with a nurse. They are very understaffed, so this does take time

Once approved negative, you go to the Admin section – where they do the necessary paperwork for COVID

The third office is Social Welfare – where they plan your transport back to various provinces

If you are travelling by bus, this is where you will be directed to the bus for your province.

Private cars need to go in convoy with the police and these buses.
Bus and convoy does not have a regular schedule, so you would have to ask social welfare whilst there when the next bus is leaving.

There are limited ablutions (clean) and shade at the Rainbow Hotel, so please be aware that if you are required to wait for a bus or convoy or sleep the night – it will be in a well-lit car park, but with limited access to bathrooms, food or shade when required.

If travelling with children – please bear this in mind.

One must have all their private quarantine paperwork in hand at all times (confirmation of booking, confirmation of lodge as a quarantine facility)

Once approved to travel to respective province, you will then need to seek clearance from police at the gate to exit the quarantine facility, accompanied by all the paperwork from social welfare.

Travelling by road through the borders, and COVID testing, is a long day (7.5 hours in Beitbridge in total).

The bus and convoy can leave at night on the Masvingo road, which must be taken slowly and carefully as there are extensive roadworks.

Would highly recommend the BYO road if at all possible.

Wishing all our Zimbabweans a safe trip home to their loved ones!
Returning from sa by air?