On Saturday 16th of May the president announced that the lockdown will be continuing indefinitely with regular two week intervals to assess the situation.

The following changes have been made:

  • Testing will be increased
    All businesses are allowed to stay open until 4:30pm, but they must continue to enforce social distancing between customers.
  • Low risk sporting codes are allowed to open
    Archery, swimming, athletics, cycling, rowing, equestrian events, fencing, golf, tennis, gymnastics, motor sports, BMX, shooing, tennis, chess, darts, draughts, and pool.
  • Walking and jogging areas are now allowed to open.
  • Designated food markets will be allowed to open.
  • Mandatory testing of truck drivers and other high risk populations

The guidelines that remain unchanged:

  • Social distancing (leave a 2 meter gap between yourself and the next person)
  • Once you leave your place of residence it is mandatory to wear a mask over both your nose and mouth.
  • At entrances into all buildings, shops and various centres it is mandatory to have a temperature checking station and a hand sanitising station for both customers and staff members
  • All public and private centres must be disinfected
  • Public exam classes at colleges, universities and schools will be allowed to open for final year students
  • 21-day isolation is mandatory for returning residents,
    • a rapid test is done on day 1,
    • a PCR test will be done on day 8 (if this test comes back negative the individual will be able to return home for the duration of their quarantine),
    • and a second PCR test is done on day 21
  • Gathering of less than 50 people can occur as long as social distancing can take place and all individuals must wear a mask
  • Bars and gyms will remain closed
  • Gatherings for worship, funerals, weddings, political rallies remain enforced
  • Restaurants can only open up for take-aways
  • Intercity and cross boarder travel remain banned
  • The only public transport available continues to only be ZUPCO

It is important that as a community we act responsibly during this pandemic, irresponsible behaviour could result in a spike in the number of cases of COVID-19 which would put vulnerable peoples’ lives at risk, and this could result in a retraction of such privileges