Zimbabwe has seen a surge in covid -19 cases with 29 deaths registered in one week.

  • Gatherings at funerals have been reduced to no more than 30 people.

  • All other gatherings are banned for the next 30 days including churches, weddings, bars, bottlestores, gymnasiums, and restaurants.
    (restaurants and bars serving hotel residents are exempted)

Covid-19 preventative measures will be enforced including:
  • Wearing face masks correctly

  • Social distancing

  • Hand washing / sanitisation

  • Temperature checks

Offenders will be prosecuted
  • Only essential services will remain open (8am – 3pm)
    Everyone else must stay at home.
  • A curfew is in effect from 6pm – 6am
  • Intercity, and interprovincial transport services are restricted to essential services
  • Cross-border trade is suspended with the exception of
    Commercial and transit cargo and essential services.
  • Air transportation remains unhindered and will continue
    As before with arrivals and residents being required to
    Present covid-19 free certificates issued 48 hours before departure.
  • Land border access will only be for returning residents and essential services drivers upon presentation of Covid-19 free certificates issued at least 48 hours before departure
  • All tourist facilities and national parks will operate as before subject to the usual health precautions.
Be smart. social distance – wear a mask – wash your hands
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